BRC Corporation
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Welcome to BRC Corporation

The purpose is to promote development and spread of water generators and batteries.

We have developed generators and batteries with water and magnesium as materials. By installing one unit in each home, there is no need for power plant or transmission line equipment. At present, 1.5 billion people are forced to live without electricity on earth. We are a manufacturer and seller of environmentally friendly electricity for everyone on earth.

A water generator is a next-generation revolutionary generator that can generate electricity with water and magnesium. It is possible to generate power with seawater, urine and soy sauce.
Generate with water and magnesium
Ensure power during disasters
Of course you can charge your smartphone
No need to worry about power when going out

Market size in dry cell

The market size of dry cell batteries in Japan is about 810 billion yen, but in the world, it is a huge market of over 9 trillion yen, more than 10 times larger than Japan. We will revolutionize the market itself with revolutionary hydroelectric technology for this huge market.

trillion yen
World Market

Alkaline manganese

Silver oxide


Lead storage

Other Alkaline

Nickel hydrogen

lithium ion


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BRC water generator and water battery in Changchun news

Changchun City
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QE Energy
3 more from the Chinese government's selection of only 100, airing on Chinese TV

China Zhuhai City
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The loudly echoed presentation 1 in Shenzhen, China

China Shenzhen City
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Represented 2 in Shenzhen, China

China Zhuhai City
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For non-polluting electric cars. Long-distance comfort with a BRC hydroelectric battery

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Hydraulic battery is a disaster necessity

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Water battery and water generator reported on World Satellite



Issuing BRC tokens with the main purpose of promoting the development and spread of water generators and batteries developed independently, by having them use and holding tokens, water generators and batteries In addition to anticipating business growth, we will launch businesses that bring benefits to the Token Holders.

Road Map

Phase 1

* 28 patents and water transfer, business transfer related to water generation battery

Phase 2

* 28 patents and water transfer, business transfer related to water generation battery

* Start of manufacture and sale of home-use BRC water generator at the time of disaster

Phase 3
Not implemented

* 28 patents and water transfer, business transfer related to water generation battery

* Start production and sales of new water batteries

Phase 4
Not implemented

* 28 patents and water transfer, business transfer related to water generation battery

* Development and manufacture of hydroelectric battery for electric vehicles

BRC Token

Token Name Battery Cash
Token Symbol BRC
Platform Ethereum ERC20
Decimals 18
Contract Address 0xd055eb7e47be7325c8119c7966e62b0d5a7ae247
Total Supply 3 billion


  • notebook etc
  • Cordless appliances etc
  • Disaster contingency, emergency response etc
  • Home power supply


· QE group director
· QE Energy Inc. President & CEO
・BRC Corporation Chairman
・RIM Real Estate Consulting Services Limited CEO
・Amadeus Japan KK President & CEO
・Fujiyama Tensui Co., Ltd. President & CEO
· Haruaki Sangyo Co., Ltd. President & CEO

Toshiya Mori
  • Japan
  • Chairman & Founder

Real estate business
Natural yeast classroom director
Cryptographic currency marketer
A large number of cryptocurricular Japanese total sales sources

  • Korea
  • CEO

2014-Current: Aqua Power Systems, Inc. Current President, OTC QB
July 2004: Aqua Power System Japan Co., Ltd. established
2004-2003: Director of Net One Systems Co., Ltd.
2003-1998: Director of Cisco Systems
1998-1996: Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, NCR Corporation
1996-1980: Working at NCR Japan Ltd.

・ 24 years experience in international business as sales specialist
・ Mainly computer sales / network sales
・ We leave CISCO and establish New-Co (Aqua Power Systems Japan)

  • Japan
  • CTO

  • Japan
  • CMO

President of the National Federation of Self-Defense Alliances. Congress newspaper company owner. Japan Regional Newspaper Association Vice President. President of Naha High Beauty School Foundation. President of Okinawa Prefecture Earth Day Natural Environment Protection Co 2 Reduction Project Cooperative. Born in Miyakojima, Okinawa in 1952.

  • Japan
  • Special Advisor

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduated from Management Engineering, Cornell University, Graduated from Master's Degree in Engineering (Master of Science), Harvard University, Graduated from AMP (Advanced Management Program). Joined Toshiba in 1963. After serving as Executive Director of Asia, General Manager of Business Strategy Department, First President of Semiconductor Company (in-house company), Executive Vice President of Toshiba, and current member of the Japan Business Advisory Committee of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization) (2009-2011) , Springsoft Senior Advisor, Oita Electronics Advisor.

  • Japan
  • Special Advisor

Cosmo Data, Inc.
Cosmo Data Factory Co., Ltd.
Representative director
As a representative or officer of Cosmo Data Co., Ltd. 38th term, limited company 25th term
I have improved my business results.
In 2011, the group was disbanded to work on new businesses and to date.
As an individual, there is also a track record as an investor.

  • Japan
  • Strategy Manager

  • Japan
  • General Manager

  • Japan
  • SNS, Movie Marketing

  • Japan
  • Marketing Director

  • Japan
  • IT Director